Will Humans Accept AlI Business Decision Software

Many debate the ability of business decision software to out think their human manager counter parts. Yet in reality many such systems already exist and are replacing humans. Indeed many such systems exist and will continue to be upgraded as they prove their worthiness in business processes. Many of these systems work slightly differently, some ...Read More

Microsoft Navision Implementation, Customization, Integration – Rio de Janeiro ERP Market Notes

Major ERP/MRP vendors, such as Oracle. SAP, Microsoft Business Solutions are present on Brazilian market, in this small article we would like to highlight MBS Navision, especially in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, plus the economy situation in Rio and its ERP/MRP market • Economy. Rio’s harbor is deep enough for the largest vessels ...Read More

How to Care for Your Batteries to Last Longer

Because of the high failure rate of fleet batteries and the uncertain situations such failures create, some organizations assign a person to maintain batteries. This person checks all batteries on a scheduled basis, exercises them for optimum service life, and replaces those that fall below an accepted capacity level and do not recover with maintenance ...Read More

Emulation Manual – A Complete Guide on How to Change Your Windows XP to Mac OS X

Introduction Mac OS X is the most technologically advanced operating system by Apple. The use of soft edges, translucent colors and pinstripes (similar to the hardware of the first iMacs) brought more color and texture to the windows and controls on the desktop which is what windows lack.. Thats the reason why many windows user ...Read More

Reloading Windows XP

If you have been running Windows XP for a couple of years or more you may find that it is not running quite as quickly and smoothly as it was when you did your first install. I am constantly ‘evaluating’ software and uninstalling and reinstalling beta software on my computer and have always gradually become ...Read More

Spyware, Adware, and Other Malicious Softwares: What Are They?

The world we live in today is mostly governed by high-speed in almost every aspect. From the cars we drive to the internet that we use. It’s all about speed, fast and now. Technology has taken steps in keeping up with the phase of modern human life. Because of the steady climb of the internet ...Read More

Got Virus?

GOT VIRUS? Your Data is NOT lost forever! In the wake of so many computer viruses running wild, “Hope is not lost”! With the recent release of such viruses as: mydoom; netsky; mofei, lovegate and many more destructive viruses, there is an affordable solution to recover your lost files from your hard drive. Selecting a ...Read More

Computer Lightning Damage: How to Prevent It

Imagine this: You leave your home for an extended vacation, taking care to shut all of your appliances and electronic items off. You set your thermostat to an economical reading and make sure that the mail is on hold. You’ve pretty much covered everything, right? Wrong. Now, imagine this: You come home from your extended ...Read More

HDMI Extender: Solution to HDMI Transmission over Long Cables

Background: The main advantages of HDMI, high definition multimedia interface, over standard analog video transmission is that it is 100 % digital from source to display. However, transmitting HDMI over long distances is not so easy. In this article we will describe some of the issues encountered during HDMI transmission and present a solution that ...Read More

Security Measures for Your PC

Data on a PC needs vigilance. With Internet access, data is at considerable risk from spy ware and other browsers. Eliminate risks by securing your PC. Anonymity of the net is not enough protection. Many can gain access and steal data, implant data, or dangerous viruses as well as Trojan horses. Simple steps ensure good ...Read More