.NET :Solving the Multiple Inheritance Issue Under .NET Platform

.NET platform does not support multiple inheritance. Do not confuse multilevel inheritance with multiple inheritance. With multiple inheritance we can have a subclass that inherits from two classes at the same time. Let’s suppose we have an application that has a class Customers and another class Vendors. If you wanted to combine these two classes […]

ERP System of the Future: Database, Business Logic and Interface

We will base our prognosis on our Microsoft Business Solutions ERP consulting practice: Microsoft Great Plains, Navision, Axapta, MS CRM. Also we’ve analyzed Oracle products: Oracle Financials, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, and IBM Lotus Notes Domino. The trends could be seen in both: so-called functional consulting, dealing with overall system implementation and user training and customization […]

When is a Software Engineer Not a Software Engineer?

The title of “software engineer” has got to be among the most highly abused in the corporate high-tech world. It’s also one of the most popular. And why not? It sounds a lot better than “computer programmer,” and it looks much better on one’s business card. Unfortunately, it’s often inaccurate. Engineering is, after all, the […]

Seven Quark Express Tricks Every Copywriter Should Know About

Copywriters: whether you’re in-house, small agency or even a temp gig-hopper, chances are you’re working alongside designers who use Quark Express. So there will definitely come a time when you’re required to open up a Quark document and make changes to the text. If you’re smart, you’ll realize that the more comfortable you are in […]

Advanced Anti Spyware – Now Totally Free for the Home User!

Spyware is a diverse group of software programs that are undesirable for the computer user, since they transmit information to the Spyware owner without the computer user’s knowledge or consent. The easiest way of keeping your personal computer free from spyware, is to visit one of the many websites that offers free spyware removal for […]

Microsoft Great Plains: exchange & brokerage – implementation notes

If you company is small or mid-size special products or materials exchange broker, you probably have custom in-house made exchange application. Nowadays exchange is done over the internet, so you might have advanced web-based exchange application. Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains could play the role of the backend: accounting, sales and purchasing ordering, backordering, allocation, […]

Review of Ubuntu Linux 5.10

Where to start?Well you are probably reading this from a windows based machine, so I will elaborate on Ubuntu. Ubuntu is backed by Canonical, a company set up by Mark Shuttleworth, a South-African born multi-millionaire, as he started Thawte, the internet security certificates company. Linux is based off of Unix, which was the first widespread […]

Google goggles review by search engine marketing

Google goggle is the ergonomically developed software that provides you accurate Google vision. It means that you yourself can analyze the quality of web content as Google does. This software is very easy to use especially for those who have already used Google Adwords and have knowledge of Google algorithms. Basically, Google goggles is an […]

Did You Ever Want to Completely Erase Everything on Your Computer?

Did you ever want to erase everything on your computer? This is a program I found that does that for you quickly and easily. Active@ KillDisk is a hard drive eraser and is powerful and compact DOS software that allows you to destroy all data on hard and floppy drives completely, excluding any possibility of […]

Software Localization: Seven Important Rules

1. Make localization an integral part of the development process.Unfortunately, localization is sometimes only an afterthought, and this can lead to all kinds of problems, from cost overruns to the necessity of rewriting code. Therefore, a localization consultant should be involved in the project – even in its early stages when crucial decisions such as […]