IP Change and Anonymous Surfing is a Wall against a Hacker

Even a hacker can be challenged by clever techniques, among them IP Change and anonymous surfing. It’s with good reason, too, because changing or hiding our IP address helps prevent the malicious attackers from prying into our private data online. Changing or hiding our IP serves as a brick wall or defense gate against hackers. […]

Clean registry fast – Not a dream

Whether you install, alter, erase or even use any software, registry items are developed, deleted or modified at the same moment. System registry cleaning is a rather composite mechanism which requires especial care of permanent diagnostics and skill administration. As late as yesterday system registry was a simple list of text information (*.ini.files). Registry keys […]

How to Boost PC Performance and Internet Speed

Computers are great when you run fast, but as soon as they start to run slower, become annoying and frustrating. This is a major problem affecting millions of machines worldwide, but fortunately, no one simple cure that even a beginner can use to increase your PC performance and Internet speed. To speed computer, simply address […]

Photoshop Files and Formats

People often ask me: What image file formats will Photoshop open or save in? What are the advantages/disadvantages? Photoshop has the capability to open and save many different graphic files. Here are some of the most popular ones. Note: When you open an image file other than a Photoshop one, that image will default to […]

Folder exe virus – Treatment

Iddono seems to display on every system in the world before long. We have some interesting observations which prove an increased possibility of corporate and university networks to be infected by Newfolder. Unfortunately, most of companies didn’t pay enough attention to appearance of Newfolder.exe or couldn’t protect themselves from it. as a result of Newfolder […]

Spy Monitoring Software

Spy Monitoring Software Hidden keyboard logging software trace each typed keystrokes, characters, digits and special combination keys with alt shift ctrl and tab in a password protected log file. Wednesday, September 30, 2009 Download Keylogger software which secretly monitor external user’s activities including typed text files, documents, send emails, online chat records, website URLs, user […]

.Net Charts and Graphs Interact with Businesses and Customers

Bar charts, bar graphs, and any other chart or graph used in financial statements, inventory reports, sales reports, and a slew of other types of reports have typically been paper reports or online reports depicting various levels of complex information for tracking, investing, planning, and buying. However, until the .net graph, .net chart, .net map, […]

Edit PDF with a click of the mouse

The PDF file format was specifically designed for review and output, as opposed to its edit-friendly source. Due to this, many people have found trouble editing PDF files when needed, especially if you do not possess the original source at hand.   The big problem with editing PDF files and documents today is finding a […]

Recover External Hard Drive Files

Recover External Hard Drive Files USB media data rescue tool revives lost files Saturday, January 23, 2010 Removable media data recovery software revives lost files, pictures, images, clips, text documents, videos and songs from your personal data assistance device. Removable media data retrieval utility rescue data from corrupted and humanly formatted pen drives, MP3 players, […]

IT Strategy for Large Corporation: ERP/MRP/CRM, Unix/Linux/Windows, Microsoft/Java

Combining Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains ERP with non-Microsoft Business System or CRM: Lotus Notes Domino, Oracle, DB2 There are multiple opinions on building your established large business IT system. Some companies prefer to be “Microsoft shop”, others prefer to stick to Java world. In our opinion large company should try balance its ERP in […]