Organizing The Chaos – Personal Assistent Software

Leave those sticky notes on the refrigerator in the past century! Let your computer the responsibility of remembering boring stuff. Informaizer Informaizer is an unique personal assistant designed to solve the typical problems of busy people: right goals setting and prioritizing, managing To-Do & Contacts lists effectively, getting proper notifications and reminders on upcoming events, […]

Cool Software To Know About

Think software is boring? Think again. There are quite a few software titles that do cool or outright weird things you’d never think about. LottoPro 2005 Do you play lottery a lot? No luck yet? Maybe it’s the time you turn to software for help. LottoPro 2005 helps you to pick winners in any lottery […]

Make 2005 the Year You Save Time!

Today’s business world is fast-paced. No matter what it is you do, finding a way to do it better and faster makes sense. But being faster does not have to mean being sloppier. You can be fast and efficient if you use the right tools to get the job done. So this year, why not […]

Free Virus Software and Internet Security Tools

Microsoft is now coming to the party to help home users out for protecting their computers from viruses, hackers and spyware/adware(pop ups, unsolicited advertising etc), and it’s all free! The first thing is to check for upgrades for Windows, it will download any important security updates. Go to the following link below. Once upgraded […]

The New Weapons for Better Bandwidth Management

Bandwidth management and allied products have increased greatly in demand, and have become one of the focal areas of online businesses worldwide. This has been encouraged mostly because of the fact that the Internet has become almost mandatory to all commercial and personal enterprises. Therefore, bandwidth management products, which considerably enhance and modulate the Internet […]

Microsoft Great Plains: Dexterity vs. eConnect – FAQ

Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains, former Great Plains Software Dynamics/eEnterprise was originally written in IDE and programming language – Great Plains Dexterity. Currently Microsoft is on the way of transforming its ERP applications: Great Plains, Navision, Solomon, Axapta and MS CRM to be better integrated and fit into the future of its .Net platform. As […]

Travel Agency Software – The Travel Jungle

Charles Darwin was one of the most traveled people in history. Can you imagine the commissions his travel agent earned? How many times have you been held up trying to book a flight or hotel because… “our system is down”. Today, people have no patience for non-functioning travel agency software. In an age when people […]

PC Spy Keylogger

PC Spy Keylogger Advance Keylogger software secretly captures all the keyboard action done by any external user on your system Wednesday, July 8, 2009: releases Advance keylogger software allows administrator to keep track on all keyboard activities and records all the actions performed through keyboard. Advance PC monitoring utility captures the entire typed website […]

How to Choose the Correct Chiropractic Billing Software

One important step in finding the perfect chiropractic billing software program to fit your needs is to take a look at your existing computer equipment. With system needs changing on a virtually daily basis, it is necessary that the software program you choose be compatible with your hardware. You also have the option of upgrading […]

Get Off To A Running Start With Microsoft Word XP

Just as we were getting comfortable with our cozy, fuzzy version of MS Word, along comes Word XP. This article explains some of it’s important new features and how to make the most of them. Time to get your sneakers on and let’s get off to a running start with Word XP. Multiple Documents In […]